Sponsor Program

To learn about about our SPONSOR PROGRAM of the Junior League of Greenwich, please contact the Fundraising Director, Heather Woodbridge at hrwoodbridge@gmail.com.

231 E. Putnam Ave.
Greenwich, CT 06830
PHONE: 203.869.1979
FAX: 203.869.9215



Member Perks Program

Each participating business will be featured on the Member Perks page for 3 months, with quarters beginning:

February 1 (application deadline: January 20)

May 1 (deadline: April 15)

August 1 (deadline: July 15)

November 1 (deadline: October 15)

The cost per quarter is $500. All participating businesses must provide a “perk,” or incentive, to be eligible. A perk can be anything from a free gift with purchase, to a percent off, etc. Businesses are invited to advertise for one or more quarters, and can indicate this on the application if interested. If advertising for more than one quarter, the perk must change each quarter so as to continue to excite our members.

For questions concerning the program email jlgmemberperks@gmail.com.

To complete an application for the Member Perks Program click HERE.


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