Junior League of Greenwich Membership Excellence Award Recipients

Betty Hinckley Award

The Betty Hinckley Award honors Betty Burnham Hinckley, a founding member of the JLG and its first president. The award, established in 1991, is presented annually to a Sustainer who has given extraordinarily of her time and talents both within the JLG and in the community. Recommendations of community leaders and active members are encouraged as part of the nomination process for this award.

Sue Mason 1991
Nancy Yeaw 1992
Barbara Hoyt 1993
Alice Melly 1994
Judy Higgins 1995
Pat Geismar 1996
Kay Langan 1997
Prill Meyer 1998
Lolly Prince 1999
Phyllis Hotz 2000
Cecile McCaull 2001
Val Storms 2002
Bobbi Hopkins 2003
Barbara King 2004
Ann (Sunny) Brown 2005
Lin Lavery 2006
Kristina Lindstedt 2007
Lori Jackson 2008
Amanda Davis 2009
Susan Wohlforth 2010
Sue Baker 2011
Brook Urban 2012
Mary Lee Kiernan 2013
Debby Lash 2014
Patricia Mendelsohn 2015
Karen Royce 2016
Sally Harris 2017
Rhonda Morley 2018
Leah Marmon 2019
Patricia Burns 2021


Alexandra Compton Award

This award, formerly known as the President’s Bowl, was established in 1986. This award is presented to an Active JLG member who has made significant contributions to both the JLG and the community during her volunteer career. Community involvement is an important part of the criteria.

Alexandra Compton 1986
Kathy Strickland 1987
Shirley Flierl 1988
Lin Lavery 1993
Betsy Parker 1994
Brook Urban 1997
Karen Royce 1998
Alison Troy 1999
Laura Geffs 2001
Wendy Ardrey 2002
Lori Jackson 2003
Anne Miller 2005
Nancy Justicz 2006
Sue Rogers 2009
Kim Miller 2016
Erin Speiss-Chang 2017
Kathy Walker 2018


Phyllis Finn Mentor Award

The Phyllis Finn Mentor Award, established in 1993, is awarded to a League member, be it an active or sustainer, who serves as a model for others during the current JLG year by being a mentor to newer members and by helping them develop leadership skills and take on new challenges within the JLG. She should be an experienced JLG member who has developed an extensive knowledge of the JLG.

Phyllis Finn 1993
Lolly Prince 1994
Kathy Strickland 1995
Susan Wohlforth & Barbara King 1999
Lin Lavery 2000
Betsy Reiss 2003
Karen Royce 2004
Didi Robinson & Tina Lindstedt 2005
Dede LeComte 2006
Elise Hillman Green 2007
Pat Geismar 2009
Debby Lash 2012
Marilyn Gordon & Terry Lamantia 2013
Sara Rawson & Pamela Speer 2015
Cindy Lyall 2016
Rhonda Morley 2017
Pat Mendelsohn & Kristen Yamada Kratky 2018


Leadership Excellence Award

Established in 1997, this award recognizes leadership of an Active member during the current JLG year. Only a committee chairperson who inspires her people to excellence in achieving the visions of the JLG is eligible for this award.

Mary Lee Kiernan 2000
Mary Beth McCarty & Dawn Papalian 2001
Nonie Mackin 2002
Karen Cohen & Sheri Donovan 2004
Beth Forbes & Elise Green 2005
Cathy Youngman 2006
Kathy Munro & Sue Rogers 2007
Amy Carbone & Lucia Jansen 2008
Cathy Kreppein, Eva Stina Pehrson & Emily Sternberg 2009
Elizabeth Cook Peyton 2011
Andrea Oltjen 2012
Kristen Tomasiewicz 2014
Debra McLaughlin & Mairead Finn 2015
Clarena McBeth & Anne Franscioni 2016
Kristi Coffelt & Karen Hasterok 2017
Dana Charette & Kaycee Cherashore 2018
Lauren Soules & Kristina Vaios 2019
Michelle Horgan & Courtenay Washkowitz 2021


The Patricia Willard Geismar Award

The Patricia Willard Geismar Award, which was established in 2014, will recognize and honor a Sustaining member who continues to participate enthusiastically in the Junior League. In her commitment to the Junior League, this Sustainer exhibits a dedication and love for the organization, and she exemplifies the qualities of a lifelong member.

Patricia Willard Geismar 2014
Leah Marmom 2015
Johnna Yeskey 2016
Marilyn Gordon 2017
Bobbi Eggers 2018
Tina Lindstedt 2019
Laurel Forst 2020


The Spirit of the League Award

The heart and soul of any organization is difficult to define. This kind of spirit is instantly recognizable and stands the test of time. The Junior League of Greenwich Spirit of the League Award, established in 2004, is designed to recognize the exemplary achievement, steadfast dedication, and selfless spirit of an active member during the current JLG year. The woman who personifies the spirit of the Junior League of Greenwich is a member of the team; whether her position is a visible and powerful one or in the trenches performing the more thankless tasks that need to be done. Her devotion to the goals and standards of the JLG is surpassed only by her generosity of spirit and unflagging willingness to make the Junior League an organization of which to be proud.

Donna Curtis 2006
Victoria Morrison Cappiali 2007
Maarit Bystedt 2008
Hilary Watson 2009
Cathy Youngman 2011
Susan Khanna 2013
Debra McLaughlin 2014
Kim Miller 2014
Meg Kaicher 2015
Joan Stewart Pratt 2016
Martha Agarwal 2017
Tammy Grimes 2018
Karen Richard 2019
Stephanie McNab 2021


The Hidden Gem

The Hidden Gem Award, which was established in 2014, will recognize and honor a Sustaining member who has volunteered numerous hours to one or more JLG committees, projects or fundraisers. They have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to create, develop and support JLG’s mission.

Judy Soto 2014
Louisa Greene, Shan Kay, Pat Dillon, Laurel Forst 2015
Bobbi Eggers 2016
Marilyn Tanner 2017
Judy Meyer 2019
Elizabeth Peyton, Lin Lavery, Laura Geffs 2020