Valuing Yourself

Participants will be invited to bring their questions and concerns (i.e. sexuality, substance abuse, peer conflicts, eating disorders, stress, depression and anxiety) to the session. In addition, we may cover the following:

  • Who I am: How is strong is my self-esteem?  How do I see myself vs. whom my friends and family believe me to be?
  • My Values: What do I want and need in life to be successful as a young woman? Do I know my ability to judge what is right and wrong and act accordingly?
  • How do I take care of myself? Friendships matter! Feelings matter! Self care matters! Boundaries matter! Do I nourish my body with healthy living?  Learn effective communication techniques for sharing feelings and setting appropriate boundaries with others.
  • How do I respect those in my life starting with me? Self respect. Respecting my body. Respect others.  Respecting other’s personal space & boundaries.  Using my voice and body to ensure my space is respected.
  • Guardian Angels: Other than my parents, do I have safe adults in my life that I can go to if I need support with my choices?  When to go to peers vs. adults for support.

The Value of Friendships

Participants will be invited to bring their questions and concerns to the session. In addition, we may cover the following:

  • Importance of having relationships
  • Healthy vs. unhealthy relationships
  • Finding commonalities with others; we all have similarities and differences
  • Negotiating conflict/Expressing feelings within a relationship
  • The importance of being your own best friend

Middle School 101

During the Middle School 101 workshop, girls are exposed to a variety of topics. Examples of topics include everything from basic internet safety, hygiene, to succeeding in the classroom.  Middle School 101 is an open-ended discussion setting and allows girls to explore what is of most interest and concern to them.  The environment of this workshop is safe and structured.

Samples of Topics:

1. Digital Reputation/Internet Safety

        a. Think about what your post says about you

        b. How will your post make your friends feel (if someone was left out)

        c. DON’T just google questions—> ask a trusted adult 

        d. How to handle being excluded

        e. Friendship drama

        f. Bullying

2. Puberty

        a. Acne and taking care of yourself (personal hygiene) 

        b. Healthy body image

        c. Ignoring/standing up to gender stereotypes from boys and the media

        s. Self-respect and self-value

3. School Success

        a. How to manage your time

        b. Study tips

Role Play

The girls anonymously write an issue that concerns them on a piece of paper and one is arbitrarily chosen out of the lot.   The following template to address relationship issue is told to the girls :

1: Tell the other person what the behavior is that is concerning without “name calling”.

2: Tell the person how it makes you feel/how it affects you.

3: Tell the person what behavior you would rather see and what you will do about it if they continue the behavior.

The girls break up into pairs and practice each part of the role play.  One pair then presents to the group and discussion surrounds how effective the template can be and how each person feels about the outcome.  

The girls report that the practice helps them feel more comfortable with the technique and makes them more willing to try outside the Positively More project.