Junior League New Members Revitalize Parsonage Cottage Gardens

The Junior League of Greenwich (JLG) teamed up with Parsonage Cottage to revitalize their gardens. The new kitchen herb gardens will be utilized by the community’s chef to make healthy meals for all the senior residents to enjoy! The group did a general clean-up of the area and built 2 raised garden beds. A variety of herbs, vegetables, and flowers were planted. The project was led by new members of the JLG as the culminating project of their training. After the planting was completed, the JLG new members spent time with the residents while attending the annual “Tee Party” hosted at the Parsonage Cottage.

Parsonage Cottage Director, Penny Lore says, “Parsonage Cottage residents enjoy being connected to the Greenwich community through extra-curricular activities, productive relationships, and several community partnerships. The Junior League of Greenwich is now added to the list.”

Every fall the JLG accepts women interested in membership, who then attend monthly meetings, JLG events and learn how to be an effective civil leader in our community. The JLG will be holding its next open house for those interested in learning about the program on August 3rd at 7pm. For more information please visit www.jlgreenwich.org.