BAM – Boys Achieving More

Registration for the October 14, 2017 session will open on September 5, 2017.

The Junior League of Greenwich is launching a second session of an outdoor adventure program for 5th grade boys called Boys Achieving More or BAM! on October 14, 2017 at 9:00 am at the Seton Scout Reservation on Riversville Road in Greenwich.

BAM! was created by the Junior League to facilitate a discussion amongst 5th grade boys on the over-arching concepts of respect, trust, communication and leadership.

To engage the youngsters, three facilitators from local organizations – Bob D’Angelo from the Greenwich YMCA, Bobby Walker from the Greenwich Boys & Girls Club, and TJ Ramirez from ReachPREP in Stamford – along with the Greenwich Boy Scouts Council – worked with the Junior League to design activities to engage the participants in the desired topics of discussion.

Bob D’Angelo (YMCA) and Junior League members create an “Amazing Race” through a portion of the Seton Scout Reservation where the participants walk in line through fallen trees in the woods, throw wood spears against a natural target, throw colored (environmentally friendly) paint powder against a rock, and fall off a log into a rope ladder held by the other participants.  These activities facilitate discussions on trust, health and exercise, balance, focus, and respect for other people, regardless of appearance.

Bobby Walker (Boys & Girls Club) leads a “Survival Skills” workshop with Junior League members where the boys hike a trail through the woods, discussing leadership qualities, being a good leader, and knowing the people around you. The boys will become “lost”, choose a leader from amongst themselves, and find their way back to home base.

TJ Ramirez (ReachPREP) works with the Low Ropes course at Camp Seton and the Junior League members in a workshop focused on trust, communication and teamwork.  Each “climber” will navigate the rock wall, focusing on directions from his peer “spotter” to locate the appropriate hand and feet grips, trusting that the spotter will guide him up the walls and through the course.  Then, the entire group will go to the “Whale Watch,” a large wooden balance board, where they have to work as a team, communicating to balance the board for 60 seconds then get off the board one by one without letting it touch the ground.