Twenty-five Middle School Girls Attend Money Sense For Girls!

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On Saturday, November 9th, the Junior League of Greenwich (JLG) hosted its very first Money Sense for Girls session with 25  enthusiastic sixth through eighth grade girls attending the one day program.

Money Sense was a pilot project last spring by the JLG and is typically a five-week financial program for local boys and girls in 9th-12th grades. However, the JLG members are always looking for ways to expand its programs to reach more youth in our community, and saw a need for financial education of younger girls.

“We are delighted with the positive response from these young ladies (in grades 6-8) to this session which was geared just for them.  This dovetails so nicely with our PositivelyMe! Program for 3rd grade girls in continuing to teach girls the skills and knowledge to nurture their self-esteem and independence.” – Hilary Watson, President of the Junior League of Greenwich.

The girls were taught financial concepts through games,  and group discussion.  The JLG based the program on the Junior Achievements Economics for Success program.  The girls were taught the importance of exploring career path options based on their skills, interests and values. They also learned about spending money within a budget, and using credit cautiously. In addition they also explored insurance and learned about risk, co-pays and deductibles.

The JLG plans to hold more Money Sense sessions in the new year.