Junior League of Greenwich

President's Message

Remarks from Alessandra Messineo Long at the 2015 Annual Dinner to the membership . . .

I am truly honored by the opportunity you’ve given me to lead this outstanding organization. 

In 2004, I started in the Junior League of Greenwich…I joined because a new friend asked me to and I had just moved here from California with my family.  I joined the league to do community work, first and foremost ---and along the way I had the very welcome surprise of meeting great woman who I am proud to call some of my very best friends.

Our members….YOU…are the heart and soul of the JLG.

DEVOTED friends that create a network of women empowered as Leaders creating Lasting Community Change.

The next 12 months will be very exciting, challenging and, hopefully, rewarding for our membership and our Board.  I often approach things in my life as I approach every marathon, it is a series of steps, one foot in front of the other, sometimes you go faster than others but inevitably we will make it to the finish line.

This year your Board of Directors together with active and sustainer members will work to:

  1. Engage our membership in a variety of training opportunities;
  2. Provide increased social functions to promote cohesiveness within our committees and membership overall; 
  3. Continue to develop a comprehensive fundraising strategy that lessens our reliance upon event-based fundraising and emphasizes our annual campaign AND foundation grants;
  4. Integrate aspects of the AJLI "One League" initiative; 
  5. Reevaluate our fundraisers to determine where there is room for growth or addition;
  6. Objectively evaluate our projects, both current and future;
  7. Communicate more effectively with membership via a variety of mediums;
  8. Brand our JLG projects so that there is no confusion in the community as to what is sponsored by the JLG;
  9. Review some aspects of our Nominating and Placement process and seek to make improvements; and
  10. Successfully execute all our Projects and Fundraisers. 

I have told you what we would like to DO this year, but the most important thing to me is the membership of this organization and our JLG Community.

We are a “Community” …you can go to any of the wonderful and worthy  non-profits in town and volunteer.  But only the Junior League of Greenwich has a stake in what you learn along the way…and wants you to stay on as a Lifelong Member volunteering and learning as your life evolves as well as encouraging you to take your knowledge to other organizations to benefit the Greenwich community further. 

 “Community grows stronger through hundreds of little and big actions people take everyday”

Make sure you make the most of this JLG Community…it is yours for the taking.

 Fondly Your President,  Alessandra M. Messineo Long