Junior League of Greenwich

Great Estates




By the Junior League of Greenwich

    • This deluxe coffee-table book is the only book to document the estate-building era in Greenwich, Connecticut. Originally published in 1986, it has been printed for only the third time and in limited quantity.

    • Makes a perfect gift for family and friends.

    • Provides an invaluable reference and resource book of Greenwich property, history and architecture.

    • Contains 25 full color plates and over 220 black and white photos of forty six great country estates built in Greenwich between 1880 and 1930.

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Step back in time to the period between 1880 and 1930 in Greenwich, Connecticut ... a span of years which Town Historian William Finch suggests may have been the zenith of the town's 350-year history. These five decades saw the evolution of Greenwich from a simple farming com­munity to a more worldly town with strong ties to New York City. The wealthy who were attracted to this cor­ner of Connecticut brought with them a city sophistication which was reflected in their country estates. They erected an in­credible number of homes fashioned after medieval castles, French chateaus, English manor houses, Italian villas, and grand mansions of virtually every architectural persuasion. It was truly an era of great estates, and this is the chronicle of that ex­traordinary period.

This book is, first of all, a thoughtfully researched commentary on forty-six carefully selected and architecturally significant examples of these great estates: their mansions, extensive outbuildings, beautifully landscaped grounds, fabulous gardens, mirror ponds and lakes, and other luxurious details designed for the pleasure of their owners. In addition, it provides glimpses and insights into the world in which the families who built these grandiose homes lived and enter­tained. It is a skillful blend of architectural and social history and, as such, makes fascinating reading.

Especially intriguing is the photo­graphic record of the estates. The nearly 250 illustrations, many of them in full color, include splendid examples of ar­chitectural photography taken specifical­ly for this volume. Equally exciting are the period photographs, most of them pub­lished here for the first time. The com­bination is often spectacular, sometimes exotic, and always nostalgic ... a re­minder of a bygone era which will never again return.

This is a book for everyone who knows Greenwich, everyone who loves period architecture, and everyone who en­joys the flavor of the past. The wealth of detail and the history it contains make it a book to own, to browse through ... and to savor at leisure.

The Great Estates is the culmination of a five-year effort undertaken by the Junior League of Greenwich to preserve the ar­chitectural and historical record of the great estate building era of 1880 to 1930. Written and researched by Junior League members, it exemplifies the League's com­mitment to volunteerism. Proceeds will be used to support the League's community service projects.

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